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These days toolbars play essential role to increase website traffic,most of the blog's and website's are introducing new functions in there toolbar to make the community more success full.While low maturity website's and blog's are not getting too much out of it so Mybloggerlaboratory is first time introducing how you can make your own toolbar to engage your visitors.By making toolbar it will not only provide your website with traffic but it can also earn you some money.Now you are thinking making a toolbar is a tough task,it might need some coding? but now a days' it is possible to make hight quality toolbar without learning any coding 

1.To Staring making your own toolbar go to a professional toolbar making website

2.Register a Free Account on and conferm your email adress and login to you account

3.After login name your Toolbar to start working,just enter the name and press Start

4.Now you have to customize your toolbar,your main job is to add your website logo simple click on (Add  behind your logo

and then replace it with text or upload your own image logo,then added your website url to point your logo to your website and press save button 

Now just like above method you can add your own Rss Feed,Twitter,Youtube,Facebook to your toolbar

After you finishes customizing toolbar you have to publish it,simple click on publish button And your toolbar Will be published

Now your  work is all most done now click on Try Now to try it,to distribute this toolbar to your user's look for Your Download Page  ( and provide this link to your use's so they can easily download it

i hope you all would enjoy this tutorial if you have any problem please feel free to ask till then Peace and Blessings.

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