Protecting Your Copyrighted Content From Getting Stolen - Series

Protecting our content is one of the most crucial topic as these days internet's world is spreading rapidly and widely.The reason why chances of getting your content stolen/copied are increasing.We spend hours of working and writing to find the correct and the most unique topic with the best artwork.We try our best to make our work as attractive as we can and in the end we are pleased with the work when it gets live and the recives positive response from readers.Just few weeks later we figure out the post which we had published previously which has the entire content in form of text,our artwork,the way of our presentation is copied really handsomely by the stealer's.What can we do now? here we cannot do much as a small author does not have many resources to go in court all he can do is sit back and to mourn.The only way to protect your copyrights is to fight to prevent from copying in future.

How To Remove/Disable/Deactivate/Delete Facebook Timeline

FaceBook Timeline was introduced to provide new interface to user’s profile. According to FaceBook Officials "Timeline is the new FaceBook profile. Tell your life story through photos, friendships and personal milestones like graduating or traveling to new places" but soon after the announcement of officially release FaceBook Timeline. Many user applied For Timeline but soon they realized the timeline was not that they were looking for the reason why soon user start looking an alternative to remove FaceBook Timeline because FaceBook is not allowing its user to remove Timeline manually. Many tricks are available on internet regarding How to remove/Deactivate/Disable Timeline but all of them either blocked by FaceBook or they are not working properly. Remember: This trick will only disable timeline for you. If any one else will visit your profile it will continue to show timeline until she/he also applied this trick.

Top 5 Tips To Increase Your Website Load Time Speed?


Website Speed and performance play important role not only in Search Engine Optimization but it also helps in increasing user experiences.If you have a website which load time is slow then your website is simply userless no matter how good it is user only like those websites which have good speed.Due to lack of speed you could  not only lose your visitors but your SEO ranking will also drop due to the decrease in the bots crawling rate.These days internet is being used on Mobile (SmartPhones) the reason why the website which have good speed are more successfully.About 50% percent Chinese (The Worlds Largest Nation) and 80% of American use internet from there mobile and America is the only country which has the most internet users so its important your website has good speed to target audience in America.Due to the increase in use of wireless connection like Wifi its important your site has good load time to stay alive in the lets start optimizing before it gets too late

How To Convert Wordpress Blog To Blogger?


Blogger is one the most powerful term of the internet and its getting even better as time passes the reason why its users is increase on daily basis as most of the WordPress users are finding ways to transform there WordPress Blog to Blogger by exporting and import there blog posts.Which is not a difficult task in few steps we can easily convert WordPress To Blogger.Blogger provides much easier interface,easy optimize templates,widgets and much more.WordPress also have some good features but in my opinion Blogger is simply the best.Old Rivals WordPress Vs Blogger who is the Best.So I my self recommend you to use Blogger as it has great importance in the town of internet.

So Today we will learn How To Transform WordPress To Blogger Blog before we get started lets look at some disadvantages of transforming your WordPress blog to Blogger.

10 Tips To Make Your Guest Posts A Success

If you are a good Blogger and knows the tactics of Blogging then you can generate heaps and heaps of traffic for your website.If you have the information about technology and can create a blog then there is very high chance of getting successful

Guest posts is one of the biggest weapon of a Blogger to build lethal Backlinks and to increase your website traffic.All you have to do is to find a high page ranked websites and if the website allows guest post you can test your skills of Blogging and could apply for guest post but you must look and discover those websites which are related to your niche.

Not much people knows this fact that Blogging is not just to write but from Blogging you can reach desirable results and you can use it to become rich.All you need to do is to follow the correct ways of Blogging,to write on the topics which are mostly needed.

How To Edit/Change Your Visitors Comments In Blogger


Blogger is one of the most popular platform.Most of the publisher use it as a magic wand which generates heaps of traffic for their website other the that it is also misused by many users which is becoming one of the biggest headache for the publishers.Most commonly the visitors which only visits some ones website as they want to increase there backlinks and they usually include a website links,anchor text Html link in there comments  and they comment like a mad bot which repeats same comment one after the another.Wordpress allows to edit any comment but Blogger does not allow it's publisher to edit reckless comment all it allows is to remove the comment or make the comment spam.But now we don't need to worry about it recently I was working on blogger XML database and I figure out editing comments is very much possible and we can edit any comments very easily with two simple ways.

Best Tips To Improve Your Alexa Traffic Ranking


There are tons and tons of websites available on the internet and thousands of websites are born every day so its getting important to attain a good website ranking world wide.Alexa is one of the most popular website ranking community of the world.Alexa has a very decent way of calculating its ranking,it simply calculate all the ranking by the means of unique page views given by every user on each day.It even shows country wise ranking,It changes its websites ranking on daily basis even now Search engine bots are taking Alexa's top ranked websites important.So to improve Alexa ranking is becoming compulsory to increase your websites traffic.This is the reason why today we will discuss how to improve your Alexa Traffic Rank.

Best Tips To Save Your Google Adsense Account From Getting Banned


Blogging is the most popular and the easiest way to earn some handsome revenue. Blogs are the source of knowledge. You can find tons and tons of blogs on even tiniest topics. If you owns a blog and you want to earn some revenue but you don’t know how to get started? Simple you are at the right place. Google Adsense is one of the biggest names among the pay per click programs. It means a Publisher will be paid only if some one clicked on the ads but never get over exited Google Adsense has very strict policies and Google did not hesitated to ban any account. Even some times they block your account without any reasoning so be careful and use your Adsence account purposefully and cleverly Remember: Once your Account is banned no new account will be issued on the same payee name.

Facebook Video Calling : How To Set Up And Talk Face To Face With Your Friends?

FaceBook the social networking giant have finally launched a much awaited feature video calling. This feature is launched under the banner of Skype and FaceBook. FaceBook user can not now only chat via text but also can interact with there friends via live streaming face to face without any hesitation. The video streaming is great without any pause it works like a champ. This feature do not required any additional software which is another great advantage of it. So today I will show you how you can start your fingers rolling over FaceBook video calling.

Adding a Simple Text Mouseover Hover Colour Change in Blogger


Usually people ask how they can add a colour mouse over hover in there links in Blogger? Most of the blogger templates posses this feature built-in but some of the blogger template doesn't has this feature.So you have to work a bit to insert a colour mouse over hover.We will simply add a CSS/HTML code which will enable our blog to change the colour of the link when some one place there mouse over it.So lets get started without any further delay

5 Fantastic Tips To Increase Website Traffic From Youtube


Youtube is among the most used websites of the world daily tons of visitors visit Youtube for different purpose.Some use it as a source of entertainment while other use it to promote their business free of cost.If we use Youtube properly and cleverly we can Drive traffic for our website.You will be thinking how you will get traffic from Youtube their are tons and tons of videos available on Youtube and thousands of videos are being upload on daily basis so how our video will get notice and would generate views which will help us to increase our website traffic well not to worry today I will show you How you can trigger traffic from Youtube

How to Insert Embed Radio Channel Code Widget in Blogger

Entertainment is the most searched term on the internet most of the user use internet for only enjoying and spending their free time in playing games,watching videos but most commonly they play games while listening to the online radio.So if you owns Blogger and you want to transform your blog into a radio station without spending a single penny then you are at the right place.Today while I was roaming on internet I saw a Question at Yahoo Answers How to embed Radio channels on blogger website Asked by Miss Farha Tasnim.Which is the most common question usually users asks.So this tutorials will not only help Miss Farha Tasnim But it will also help other publishers.So let us start rolling our fingers on our today's topic.

Top 5 eCommerce (eStore) Wordpress Themes


If you are a good Blogger but you are bored doing blogging and you want to change your profession to become rich by selling merchandise online on your website.Don't worry their is a very simple way to transform your Blog into an online eStore (eCommerce) Website only if you owns WordPress Blog.WordPress  is the only online platform which allow its users to almost do any thing from tiniest plugins to giant themes and etc.To Transform your blog you can take advantage of WordPress eCommerce themes.Due to its quality and reliability WordPress eCommerce theme will convert your blog into a serious online business shop.This is the reason why WordPress is growing more rapidly from blogging platform towards a Professional online eStore and now a days mostly online shops are  powered   by WordPress.I have collected most demanding WordPress Premium eCommerce theme so you don't need to look for theme.If I left out any WordPress eCommerce theme then simply attach a link in your comment.I have reviewed some Themes so you can get  idea which one to chose.

Adding A Contact Us Form Widget in Blogger


Contact Us form is always prove it self important for any publisher.Its an important way to communicate with your visitors in a convenient manner.Not only it will help you to improve your services it could also make your community more reliable as user will able to communicate with you live with out any barrier.But Blogger does not provide this service you have to work a bit to make it working for you.In Blogger users can communicate with comments but they cannot send you a private message so its better to have a contact us form to make personal stuff private.So today we will learn How to add a contact us form in blogger before we start adding it lets look at its features

Wordpress Vs Blogger Comparing Advantages and Disadvantages


It's been almost an era we are talking about the rivalry of WordPress and Blogger.There were many discussion who is better,which has more potensional and much more.But in the end we failed to get the answer which one is better some of the popular publisher recommend WordPress because of its features while other recommend Blogger due to its Widgets.This is the reason why this mystery is still to be answered.So today this mystery will be finally answered.You don't need to listen any one which is better you have to take the decision on your own don't depend on any one.In reaching the end of this post you will able to take your decision which one is better on the basis of their Advantages and Disadvantages.

Google Rolled Out First PageRank Update Of The Year 2012

There were many reports indicating Google PageRank update is coming in February.
UPDATE:Well now I am confirming Google has just updated PageRank on February 06 2012.This is the first Google PageRank update of the year 2012.
While previous Google PageRank update was back in November 8 2011.After the gap  of almost 3 months. Google PageRank is updated.There's always a gap of 3 months between each Page Rank Update.Let us look at some facts of Google PageRank Updates

5 Basic Tips To Start Your Blogging Journey In Blogger As Beginner

Blogger is the most easy and most fascinated platform for publishers to start the blogging journey.Blogger was founded to gave publisher reliably and solidity.Blogger is the most used platform in the world the reason why it is ranked 45 in the whole world and in most of counties it is on top 10.Most of popular publisher recommend blogger instead of WordPress due to is solidity.There are many chats comparing wordpress and blogger but in the end blogger is the one who should win because of its user friendly experience.Blogger has helped the publisher to work freely with out any limitations.Another good thing about Blogger is that it could be optimized very easily,if you want to change styles it can be done in few steps,adding different widgets,working with Html CSS and much more has become much easier.Another  key feature of blogger it is free you don't need to spend a single penny in buying hosting you just need to spend few dollar's in buying a domain for yourself.So todays topic is not so much difficult nor it is so easy its just your pure concentration will gave you the fine idea how you could start your journey in blogger.

The Best Trick To Increase Your Twitter Followers


Twitter is world's first and most popular microblogging website which enable users to broadcast the message in form of text up to 140 characters named it "Tweet".Twitter always prove it self a better place not only for well knows personalities but also for small publishers who had just started their journey towards blogging.Twitter is a free web based service which allow you to intact with your friends and family.But the main thing is followers how you will get tons of followers on twitter?.This is the main question which often comes in our minds.Its very difficult to get followers,you will only get followers on twitter on the basis of qualities and quantities.If you don't have followers then twitter is useless.Most of user spends lots of money in buying twitter follower which is against the policy and soon their twitter account is banned due to policy violence.So is their any legal way to get free twitter followers well don't worry today we will learn how to increase twitter followers in just one click.

Using Social Networking Websites To Boost Traffic


Social Networking website's always play's important factor towards increasing website traffic. Many website giant use it as magic wand which increase's there traffic.But to become successful you have to work hard till you start getting result's.You could use social networking website's as an advertising agent.Tons of user's daily visit social networking website to interact with there friend during the interaction they lead towards your website.Most of Social Networking website's like Facebook,Twitter,Flickr and etc are used commonly to increase popularity of website.The latest addition in social networking website is Google Plus.It is beating almost every social networking website,this is the reason why publisher is now using Google plus instead of Facebook,twitter and etc.Today's Topic is To Drive Traffic From Social Networking Websites.

How to Use Yahoo Answers to Build Traffic and Backlinks For Your Website/Blog


Yahoo the second most important search engine after Google.It has great importance on internet,yahoo has many services to facilitate there users.Yahoo Answer is one of it's best services,it help users to get lethal answers but the story does not ends here.If you use Yahoo Answer intelligently you can get desirable result for your website.Yahoo answer could be useful to increase traffic and it can also build important backlinks for your website.So today we will learn How We Can Use Yahoo Answers To Build Traffic For Your Website

Top 5 SEO Plugin For Wordpress to Increase Traffic


The World of internet Consist of More then million's of Web Blog's.To establish your self in the town of blogging you should have a good strategy to attract visitor.If you think you can achieve your goal by spreading your blog to your friends,family,then your goal of ruling the internet is far from near.You could only dominate the town of internet if you get thousand of visitor's on daily bases.To get the visitors you have to attract high quality search engines like Google,Yahoo,Msn and etc.In other words we can say you have to improve your (SEO).To increase your SEO there are several method but one of the effective way is to use SEO plugin's.WordPress is the only Blogging Platform which allow to work freely unlike other's.Blogger is one of giant name but it does not provide liberty to it's user,this is the reason why lot's of user prefer WordPress and are converting their Blogger blog's to WordPress.But one of the most important reason for the conversion is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) WordPress provide lot's of plugin's which provide convenience to Blog owner's.WordPress contain lots of SEO plugin but we have selected Best top 5 SEO plugin's For WordPress.

How to Add HTML Links in Blogger Comment Box

Blogger is the most dominated platform,just because it is own by Google Inc so it's importance is very high.To make it's importance count you have to be good.You have to use it in an intelligent manner.Blogger play's important role towards Search engine optimization (SEO) if you use it cleverly you will get best results.But how you use Blogger to increase your SEO.Simply by using blogger comment form you can link your website and can build an important backlink for your website but Blogger comment form does not allow link so you have to do little effort to make this work.Anchor text is much better then a simple Html link.Anchor text is considered important by SEO Bots.So in this we will learn How To Add Anchor text in blogger comment form.

Add A Small Facebook Like Button Widget for Blogger

Facebook is one of the most demanding and most used social networking website,currently it is ranked 2nd in the whole world of internet.Its ranking tell us its importance most of user use Facebook to communicate with there friends and family while some user use it to build there website community on Facebook and get important Backlinks.But if you want to gain good backlinks from Facebook page,your Facebook page should have some like's to increase it's page rank normally about 500 to 600 like's can gave your Facebook Page PR of 3 to 4 which is not bad at all. How To increase your Facebook like's in Bulk.So today we will add a Small Facebook Page Like Box,the reason why we are adding small like box is to save your website speed if you use normal Facebook like box it is much heavy and it eats website speed.Simply follow the steps to add a small Facebook Like Button

SOPA and PIPA Hammered over FilePost and FileSonic Affiliate System Closed

In the latest news related to Sopa and Pipa after was banned all internet even wikipedia protested against SOPA And PIPA.Now this will make it lot worse for user's FBI Closed Filesonic Affiliate system yesterday (23-1-2012) due to which you can not download any files from Filesonic until it is uploaded by you.If you try to download any files at Filesonic which is not uploaded by you then you will get the following message:

Sharp Your Blogging Skills to Become a Professional Blogger

Blogging one of the most skill full and most demanding term of internet world. Per year thousands of mini Blogger's launch their website but they soon realize their is lack of guidance.This is the reason why lots of mini blogging sites are closing very quickly.So it's better you should look back and think where you did mistakes one of the biggest mistakes publisher do they don't build unique content which make their website low maturity the reason why search engine don't crawl these site's to increase your ranking you must look for good content,its better to write less but to write good.Blogger can make or break your life,off course you earn money by doing blogging but to become a good blogger you should know what your audience want.Here is the guide line which will take you in the list of successful blogger's.

Divide Your Header Section into Two Parts in Blogger


Usually a header consist of the company logo but now a days it is used as an important place where people use to put there advertisement.Some of the Blogger templates has this feature.Commonly it is a simple container which can contain 2 widgets at one time one after the other side by side normally it consist of your logo and advertisement or etc.So please but your attention towards this tutorial carefully,don't worry its not very difficult to splitter your header but it needs your little attention because templates are differently coded but the method remains the same.

Increase Your Facebook Fan Page Likes in Bulk for Free


Facebook is the only social networking site which is ranked among the top 10 websites. Its Global rank is 2, so its reputation is extraordinary on the web. To become a success full publisher you should have your own Facebook community page, it’s not only vital but play significant role in building traffic as well as the backlinks. On the other hand, it is extremely straightforward to create your own community page on Facebook but to establishing it is a difficult task. Most of the publisher had a common problem they are unable to increase their likes. You can ask your Online Friends, Family or even unknown persons to like your page, but by doing this your page is revolving around similar peoples. Today we will be discussing the true technique that could bring Bulks of Facebook Like without doing any work whatsoever. 

Create a Stylish Toolbar For Your Website/Blog For Free

These days toolbars play essential role to increase website traffic,most of the blog's and website's are introducing new functions in there toolbar to make the community more success full.While low maturity website's and blog's are not getting too much out of it so Mybloggerlaboratory is first time introducing how you can make your own toolbar to engage your visitors.By making toolbar it will not only provide your website with traffic but it can also earn you some money.Now you are thinking making a toolbar is a tough task,it might need some coding? but now a days' it is possible to make hight quality toolbar without learning any coding 

Elegant Rss Email Subscription Widget Box for Blogger

Rss Feed play's important role in increaseing the website/blogs traffic.Most of the blog owner's use it as a machine which generates traffic for them.Creating a Rss Feed Subscription box is smart move.If your website/blog Content is of good quality then Rss Feed Subscription Box will not let you down.Usually reader's and user's subscribe to your blog via email to get your blog's latest updates straightly into there inbox.Setting Up A Rss Feed Email Subscription Widget is not very difficult it is very simple,you don't need any sort of training.You create your own Rss Feed in simple steps but before that you should have a Rss Feed for your blog. Now let us start working

Add Meta Tag Description and Keyword To Blogger Template

Blogger is one of the most used platform in 21st century but on the other hand it have some problems most of the blogger template are not well optimized for Search Engine Optimization,you have to work hard to improve your title tags in blogger.Usually Blogger template is not well optimized with keywords and meta tags which does not play important role any more but to make a website look good you have to optimized it today i will show you how you can add Meta tag Discription and Meta tag keywords in your blogger template follow the steps as shown bellow

Add Auto Ping Widget in Blogger For Better SEO

Pinging means a lot in search engine optimization when ever you ping your website/blog it alert the search engine bots to visit you website/blog.This not only increase your bots crawling but also it could rank your website high in search engines,so if you add a ping now widget to your blog/website there is a very high chance that your visitors might ping your website which will help you in improving your site's ranking.Adding a Ping Now widget is very simple just you have to add a Html Code and you are done so let us start adding:

5 Basic Tips To Start Your Blogging Journey In Blogger As Beginner


Blogger is the most easy and most fascinated platform for publishers to start the blogging journey.Blogger was founded to gave publisher reliably and solidity.Blogger is the most used platform in the world the reason why it is ranked 45 in the whole world and in most of counties it is on top 10.Most of popular publisher recommend blogger instead of WordPress due to is solidity.There are many chats comparing wordpress and blogger but in the end blogger is the one who should win because of its user friendly experience.Blogger has helped the publisher to work freely with out any limitations.Another good thing about Blogger is that it could be optimized very easily,if you want to change styles it can be done in few steps,adding different widgets,working with Html CSS and much more has become much easier.Another  key feature of blogger it is free you don't need to spend a single penny in buying hosting you just need to spend few dollar's in buying a domain for yourself.So todays topic is not so much difficult nor it is so easy its just your pure concentration will gave you the fine idea how you could start your journey in blogger.

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