SOPA and PIPA Hammered over FilePost and FileSonic Affiliate System Closed

In the latest news related to Sopa and Pipa after was banned all internet even wikipedia protested against SOPA And PIPA.Now this will make it lot worse for user's FBI Closed Filesonic Affiliate system yesterday (23-1-2012) due to which you can not download any files from Filesonic until it is uploaded by you.If you try to download any files at Filesonic which is not uploaded by you then you will get the following message:

so Filesonic is now only available for private use only,you cannot share any files with your friends any more.Soon after Filesonic Close's its affiliate system the next day today (24-1-12)Filepost also announced to close there affiliate system while user's remained unpaid from there affiliate account.The only good about Filepost is they don't stop the sharing function you can still download any file uploaded to Filepost with your free or premium account 

Will This be the end of online internet sharing or this is the start of a new war.The War of internet.Will this war would bring never forgetting wounds to the world.All these questions were in your mind which will be soon answered as the time passes.

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