Protecting Your Copyrighted Content From Getting Stolen - Series

Protecting our content is one of the most crucial topic as these days internet's world is spreading rapidly and widely.The reason why chances of getting your content stolen/copied are increasing.We spend hours of working and writing to find the correct and the most unique topic with the best artwork.We try our best to make our work as attractive as we can and in the end we are pleased with the work when it gets live and the recives positive response from readers.Just few weeks later we figure out the post which we had published previously which has the entire content in form of text,our artwork,the way of our presentation is copied really handsomely by the stealer's.What can we do now? here we cannot do much as a small author does not have many resources to go in court all he can do is sit back and to mourn.The only way to protect your copyrights is to fight to prevent from copying in future.

How To Remove/Disable/Deactivate/Delete Facebook Timeline

FaceBook Timeline was introduced to provide new interface to user’s profile. According to FaceBook Officials "Timeline is the new FaceBook profile. Tell your life story through photos, friendships and personal milestones like graduating or traveling to new places" but soon after the announcement of officially release FaceBook Timeline. Many user applied For Timeline but soon they realized the timeline was not that they were looking for the reason why soon user start looking an alternative to remove FaceBook Timeline because FaceBook is not allowing its user to remove Timeline manually. Many tricks are available on internet regarding How to remove/Deactivate/Disable Timeline but all of them either blocked by FaceBook or they are not working properly. Remember: This trick will only disable timeline for you. If any one else will visit your profile it will continue to show timeline until she/he also applied this trick.

Top 5 Tips To Increase Your Website Load Time Speed?


Website Speed and performance play important role not only in Search Engine Optimization but it also helps in increasing user experiences.If you have a website which load time is slow then your website is simply userless no matter how good it is user only like those websites which have good speed.Due to lack of speed you could  not only lose your visitors but your SEO ranking will also drop due to the decrease in the bots crawling rate.These days internet is being used on Mobile (SmartPhones) the reason why the website which have good speed are more successfully.About 50% percent Chinese (The Worlds Largest Nation) and 80% of American use internet from there mobile and America is the only country which has the most internet users so its important your website has good speed to target audience in America.Due to the increase in use of wireless connection like Wifi its important your site has good load time to stay alive in the lets start optimizing before it gets too late

How To Convert Wordpress Blog To Blogger?


Blogger is one the most powerful term of the internet and its getting even better as time passes the reason why its users is increase on daily basis as most of the WordPress users are finding ways to transform there WordPress Blog to Blogger by exporting and import there blog posts.Which is not a difficult task in few steps we can easily convert WordPress To Blogger.Blogger provides much easier interface,easy optimize templates,widgets and much more.WordPress also have some good features but in my opinion Blogger is simply the best.Old Rivals WordPress Vs Blogger who is the Best.So I my self recommend you to use Blogger as it has great importance in the town of internet.

So Today we will learn How To Transform WordPress To Blogger Blog before we get started lets look at some disadvantages of transforming your WordPress blog to Blogger.

10 Tips To Make Your Guest Posts A Success

If you are a good Blogger and knows the tactics of Blogging then you can generate heaps and heaps of traffic for your website.If you have the information about technology and can create a blog then there is very high chance of getting successful

Guest posts is one of the biggest weapon of a Blogger to build lethal Backlinks and to increase your website traffic.All you have to do is to find a high page ranked websites and if the website allows guest post you can test your skills of Blogging and could apply for guest post but you must look and discover those websites which are related to your niche.

Not much people knows this fact that Blogging is not just to write but from Blogging you can reach desirable results and you can use it to become rich.All you need to do is to follow the correct ways of Blogging,to write on the topics which are mostly needed.

How To Edit/Change Your Visitors Comments In Blogger


Blogger is one of the most popular platform.Most of the publisher use it as a magic wand which generates heaps of traffic for their website other the that it is also misused by many users which is becoming one of the biggest headache for the publishers.Most commonly the visitors which only visits some ones website as they want to increase there backlinks and they usually include a website links,anchor text Html link in there comments  and they comment like a mad bot which repeats same comment one after the another.Wordpress allows to edit any comment but Blogger does not allow it's publisher to edit reckless comment all it allows is to remove the comment or make the comment spam.But now we don't need to worry about it recently I was working on blogger XML database and I figure out editing comments is very much possible and we can edit any comments very easily with two simple ways.

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