Adding a Simple Text Mouseover Hover Colour Change in Blogger

Usually people ask how they can add a colour mouse over hover in there links in Blogger? Most of the blogger templates posses this feature built-in but some of the blogger template doesn't has this feature.So you have to work a bit to insert a colour mouse over hover.We will simply add a CSS/HTML code which will enable our blog to change the colour of the link when some one place there mouse over it.So lets get started without any further delay

Adding Colour Mouse Over Hover Script in Blogger:
Go To <Your Blog>--------<Layout> -------- <Add A Gadget> -------- <Html/Javascript>  and then simply paste the following code



a {color:blue;}

a:hover {text-decoration: underline;color:green;}
a:visited {text-decoration: underline;color:blue;}

Customizing the Mouse Over Hover Script:
1.Now to change mouse over hover colour from green to your choice simply replace green in the script
2.To change the visited links colour simply replace blue with your choice in the script.Important:You can also use RGB colour code instead of colour names
3.To Change the text decoration from Underline to your choice simply replace underline  to your choice.Important:You can use Bold,Underline,Italic as text decorations

Now after  customizing   simply save the gadget and now go to your blog and your mouse over text hover will work like a charm.

From The Editors Desk:
So that how you can insert Mouse Over Hover in Your Text Links In Blogger.In this post I have tried to make it as short as I can.I have checked many other ways of adding mouser over hover in text links which are quite long.The reason why I make it simple for you.I hope you will like my efforts in you have any question feel free to ask.See yaa 

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