Wordpress Vs Blogger Comparing Advantages and Disadvantages

It's been almost an era we are talking about the rivalry of WordPress and Blogger.There were many discussion who is better,which has more potensional and much more.But in the end we failed to get the answer which one is better some of the popular publisher recommend WordPress because of its features while other recommend Blogger due to its Widgets.This is the reason why this mystery is still to be answered.So today this mystery will be finally answered.You don't need to listen any one which is better you have to take the decision on your own don't depend on any one.In reaching the end of this post you will able to take your decision which one is better on the basis of their Advantages and Disadvantages.

What Are Advantages Of Blogger Platform:

CSS/HTML: The main reason of choosing Blogger is its compatibility towards HTML/CSS you can easily customize your template with the help of style sheet.Which could make your Blog look better.

Free Hosting By Google:By using blogger you don't need to buy any hosting service all you need is to buy a domain for your blog.

100 Percent Up Server:It's very important for your website to stay alive 24/7 in an year and due to Google server your website stay alive every time.

Un-Hackable Experience: Due to Google hosting it's almost impossible to hack Blogger blog.

Widgets: Blogger has thousands of widgets to customize your blog from header to footer.

User Friendly: Blogger is very much user friendly all the tools are very simple and very easy to operate. 

Site Speed: The speed of site is very important it is the key thing in Seo and Blogger provide very fast user experience.

Google's Attitude: We all think just because blogger is owned by google it rank blogger blog well in google search which is true.

What Are Advantages of WordPress Platform:

SEO Friendly: The biggest reason why publisher chose WordPress is it's seo friendly nature.By using different plugin you can quickly get lots of traffic unlike blogger.

Thousands Of Plugins: WordPress has almost every kind of plugin's.You just name it and WordPress has it.

Quickly Build Traffic: Due to its Seo Plugin's its very easy to drive traffic from Wordpress.And many plugin's also play important role in driving traffic.

Easy to Use: Just like Blogger Wordpress also has this feature its very easy to operate you don't need any training to use it.

What Are Disadvantages of Blogger:

Lack of Hosting:The major problem of blogger is it's hosting,it does not allow you to manage your hosting it provides it's own hosting and if your blog is against the policies of Blogger you blog might face detention by getting you blog banned.

Lose Traffic Quickly:Usually in Blogger if you don't post a week you might lose your traffic which is the biggest disadvantage of blogger.

Difficult to SEO:To Get Traffic SEO is the key but in Blogger you can't do any thing to improve its SEO quickly.You can only improve SEO by building quality content and backlinks.

What Are Disadvantages of WordPress:

Similarities of Themes:You usually encounter this problem in WordPress many sites also has the same theme that you have.Themes are shared all over the internet so that chances are very high.To get unique theme you have to spend some money to develop a new one.

Un optimization Themes:You cannot optimize HTML/CSS in WordPress which is one of its biggest disadvantage.

Spend Lot of money in Hosting:Usually you have to buy a good hosting with large bandwidth to stable your blog speed in order to get good hosting you have to spend at least 20$ per month which is way above the reach of common man.

Security reasons:In WordPress its very hard to maintain your security.Many hackers use cloning software to hijack your blog.Which is the biggest in  using WordPress

From The Editors Desk:
So now I am sure this great debate will end for you at least now you can take  the decision which one is better and which one should be used.On my personal experience Blogger is better this does not mean WordPress is not better if you work hard on WordPress for sure you will get the rewards but in comparison of Blogger VS WordPress i think Blogger is the true winner.Now its up to you what you would choose.

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