How To Edit/Change Your Visitors Comments In Blogger

Blogger is one of the most popular platform.Most of the publisher use it as a magic wand which generates heaps of traffic for their website other the that it is also misused by many users which is becoming one of the biggest headache for the publishers.Most commonly the visitors which only visits some ones website as they want to increase there backlinks and they usually include a website links,anchor text Html link in there comments  and they comment like a mad bot which repeats same comment one after the another.Wordpress allows to edit any comment but Blogger does not allow it's publisher to edit reckless comment all it allows is to remove the comment or make the comment spam.But now we don't need to worry about it recently I was working on blogger XML database and I figure out editing comments is very much possible and we can edit any comments very easily with two simple ways.

1.Editing Blogger Comments With Blog's XML DATABASE:

1.1.This method is bit a tricky one but don't you worry about it every thing will be fine.First you have to download a backup of your blog which is XML formate to download a backup of your blog go to >> Your Blog >> Setting >> Others >> Export Blog >> Download Blog >> And your blog will be downloaded.

1.2.After your blog backup gets downloaded open the download file in your notepad.Now when the file is opened in notepad we will search for the comment we want to edit or we can even write then name of the comment poster.For Example a comment is posted on your blog "Great post. Learnt a lot on wordpress plugins. Installed few plugins to my wordpress" which is posted by Techmaker and you want to edit this users comment simply look for Techmaker or just type his comment when you find the comment simply replace any thing that you want to change.
1.3.If you want to remove the website url under the posters name simply search for the comment posters name For Example Nitin Mittal is the comment poster and he have include a url under his name which is Now if you want to remove the url under the posters name simply search for Nitin Mittal  Remember:we are taking it as an example you need to search for the comment poster that you want to edit.When you find that it will look like this

           <name>Nitin Mittal</name>              <uri></uri>

Now here all we need to do is to remove the URL and insert your blogs url after replacing the url the code will look like this
<name>Nitin Mittal</name><uri></uri>

Remember:Replace With your websites url

After doing the changes press Ctrl+S to save the document you can also save if manually if you like.

1.4.First you need to delete all your old comments that the tricky part but believe me nothing will go wrong after deleting the comments.Now just To Upload your Backup go to >> Your Blog >> Settings >> Other >> Import Blog >> and Import your blog

Remember to uncheck Automatically publish all imported posts to prevent your blog from duplicate posting.After you imported your posts check your comments and you will feel a change.Now you can delete your imported posts as they are already published.And thats how you can edit each an every post on your blog.If you feel and difficulties feel free to ask peace and blessings.

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