Protecting Your Copyrighted Content From Getting Stolen - Series

Protecting our content is one of the most crucial topic as these days internet's world is spreading rapidly and widely.The reason why chances of getting your content stolen/copied are increasing.We spend hours of working and writing to find the correct and the most unique topic with the best artwork.We try our best to make our work as attractive as we can and in the end we are pleased with the work when it gets live and the recives positive response from readers.Just few weeks later we figure out the post which we had published previously which has the entire content in form of text,our artwork,the way of our presentation is copied really handsomely by the stealer's.What can we do now? here we cannot do much as a small author does not have many resources to go in court all he can do is sit back and to mourn.The only way to protect your copyrights is to fight to prevent from copying in future.

The reason why "MBL" is starting with there first fresh Series "Protecting Your  Content".Here we will share the complete guideline to protect content for people like us who are facing the same problems.

Following are the list of topics which we will discuss in this New Series:   
Protecting Your  Content 
Highlight#1: Learning How To Protect Your Content (Basics) - Current
Highlight#3:File Content Take down Notice with DMCA - Published
Highlight#4:Complaining Google About Copyrighted Content Of Our Site
Highlight#5:10 Final Tips to Protect Your Copyrighted Content

DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act)

DMCA is a United States copyright law this law protects users copyrights and it is effective from October 28, 1998 and playing major role in protecting content.If we have the evidence of the true copyright holder DMCA will help us in removing all of our stolen content available on internet.

How We can Protect Content

Here is the list of Tips which we can use to protect our content from sealer's.
  • the best way to protect our content.We can register our website and can add "DMCA Protect" badges to our site and it will crawl all of our URL and protect it.we can file take down if some ones copies our content.
  • Adding Anchor text:Usually a copier don't read the entire content he just copy your content and paste it on there website like a silly bot.So if we include anchor text.There is very high chance of making your content protected.
  • Uploading pictures on your server:Well by uploading images on our server it will not do the trick any one can easily copy images with "Print screen button" if there no downloading link attached to it.The benefit is to make the copier realize he also need to do some work.If he failed to do so he will just copy our image and paste it on his website with our server link attached.
Remember:These tips are just to give basic information.We will learn complete tips in Highlight#4 

More to Come:

Well its just getting started these are the basics and the end of this series you minds will be worry free regarding your contents piracy.Comming up topic is Highlight#2:Protect Entire Blog With DMCA Protection Badges  so stay tuned Peace Blessing and Happy Optimizing :)

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