Top 5 Tips To Increase Your Website Load Time Speed?

Website Speed and performance play important role not only in Search Engine Optimization but it also helps in increasing user experiences.If you have a website which load time is slow then your website is simply userless no matter how good it is user only like those websites which have good speed.Due to lack of speed you could  not only lose your visitors but your SEO ranking will also drop due to the decrease in the bots crawling rate.These days internet is being used on Mobile (SmartPhones) the reason why the website which have good speed are more successfully.About 50% percent Chinese (The Worlds Largest Nation) and 80% of American use internet from there mobile and America is the only country which has the most internet users so its important your website has good speed to target audience in America.Due to the increase in use of wireless connection like Wifi its important your site has good load time to stay alive in the lets start optimizing before it gets too late

1.First Check the Current Speed Of the Website:

Before getting started we must check our current website speed This will allow us to measure the difference before and after.

Here are some useful tools from which we will be able to know how long it takes to load our website.
  • Google's Page Speed Publisher Tool:This is a free publishers tool by Google.You can use online Page Speed tool or you can download Google chrome extension  to measure your website's speed.
  • Pingdom Tools: its one of the most used and useful tool it measure website load time from different areas like USA,UK and etc
  • Web Page Test Another great website load time tool provides easy to use interface 

2.Optimizing Our Image Load Time: 

Its one of the most common mistake which usually publisher made by adding mutiple images on a single page.Images are the biggest reason why our websites are slow.Choose correct image extension to increase site speed

  • GIF is ideal for images with few colors like logos.
  • JPEG is great for images with lots of colors and details like photographs.
  • PNG is the choice when you need high quality transparent images.

3.Reducing Image's Width and Height 

Avoid using larger scale images,don't use images with large pixels use HTML attributes to manager height and the width of your image to increase website load time.If you require 100x100 pixel image and instead of it you use 600x600 pixel image then you are simply making it difficult for yourself.You must use software like Photoshop or you can directly manager width and height of your image by HTML.

4.Reduce Redirecting (301) : 

Every time a 301 is used it force web browser to reload the page from very beginning which reduce your site speed.So if its possible reduce 301 redirects.

5.Compress your Content and Optimize it: 

Compress your content is the key to increase site speed it can create great impact on reducing site load time.For more information HTTP Compression on


Website load time is the most important thing it should not be ignored.If you want to provide user friendly experiences.Now after applying these tips you can check your website speed again and this time your will not get disappointed peace,blessing and happy optimizing.

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